Lightning Protection


We provide the highest quality of lightning protection and Lightning Elimination system inspections, repairs, retrofits, and installation of government and private sector facilities in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Experience and Training

Our understanding of lightning, which is really a huge electrical discharge that flows between clouds, or from a cloud through the air to the ground or earth, comes from our many years of experience as a commercial, institutional and residential licensed electrical contractor, as well as from extensive lightning protection technical training received from Underwriters Laboratories.


As an” Underwriters Laboratories Approved Installer” we have the skill, knowledge and expertise necessary to inspect an existing lightning protection or elimination system for reliability and worthiness, as well as to identify deficiencies and damage that could render the license name protection system worthless in the event of a lightning strike.

Inspection and Testing

Since a Lightning Protection system is virtually in a dormant state until the building is struck by lightning, and the lightning protection components do not need maintenance, it is important to perform periodical at routine inspection and testing of the system to assure its effectiveness when receiving a strike.

System Assessment

Let us know anytime you need to assess the worthiness of the lightning protection system at your facility whether for insurance purposes, or to protect your investment and life. You will be pleased with our performance and have a renewed peace of mind.