Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a targeted, customized method for developing leaders within an organization. Our team approaches executive coaching as a cooperative agreement between an upper-level executive, his/her organization, and the executive coach. All coaching takes place within the context and on behalf of the organizational strategy, objectives, and directives. The organization is the client, while the benefactors are the executive and the organization.

Coaching partnerships are comprised primarily of one-on-one interactions between a professional coach and an executive.

They are supported, as needed, by others. This partnership is based on mutually agreeable ground rules, timeframes, and specific goals and measures of success.

For family firms, it is imperative to utilize an executive coach who is external both to the firm and to the family. One, who has the ability to objectively interpret feedback and deliver it in a compassionate manner. By utilizing an executive coach for family firms, the information can be fairly assessed by the appropriate executive and acted upon effectively.

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