Leadership Development

Leadership development is defined as the “expansion of a person’s capacity to be effective in leadership roles and processes” (McCauley, Van Veslor, &Rudeman, 2010, p.2).

To be an effective leader, one must have a vision. Not only must one have a vision, but also it’s imperative that this vision is clearly communicated to members of his or her team.

In addition to a vision, the leader must have a clear plan of action on how to bring the vision into reality. This plan must have clearly identified milestones as well as an allowancefor the resources necessary to attain the identified objectives.

Also, a leader must have a clearly identified set of values and priorities which will allow him or her to choose the proper course of action when conflicting challenges require immediate action. Our coaches assist leaders to identify their priorities, values, and purposewhile developing a plan, which allows for unlimited growth.

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