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"All I can say is AWESOME! I was always told there is no magic bullet but they are wrong. After just 2 months of being coached by Al Spinks, I can truly see the improved confidence, productivity and personal growth in my son, who heads a key division of my construction business.

He (my son) has been hitting homeruns in both his business and personal life. Al is an amazing, caring and compassionate business coach with many years of impeccable leadership, business and life related experience.

I am recommending him to many of my friends, I always warn them that his approach may appear a little different but, boy oh boy, it sure does work!"

Ben H. June 3, 2016

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"Starting a business in the 1980's, my Mother and Dad were my true advisers. I could talk to them about anything knowing that my conversations were safe and secure with the confidentiality I desired.

Since 2009, I have not had a trusted business confident until I start my business coaching sessions with Al Spinks. Our main focus has been on Business Growth, working for life balance and removing any blocks that may be preventing me from continuing to move forward.

Since Al has a track record as a successful business man and technology expert, IBM trained professional and former Marine aviator, he GETS IT! Therefore I am very comfortable sitting down with Al to create plans of actions, business growth strategies, use of new technology and general "next steps" discussions. It is wonderful to have someone to hold me accountable knowing that everything discussed is confidential."

Pat T. June 3, 2016

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"Meeting and working with Al has made a significant difference in my life. He is committed to providing the best possible service to his clients.

I look forward to our calls because I know that he will keep me in check and provide several solutions to achieving my goals. He is straightforward, kind, generous and always with a positive outlook.

He uses his life experiences to assist me in setting and attaining goals in which I needed an extra push. Al’s compassionate use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) has allowed me to remove both emotional barriers and limiting beliefs that have kept me from attaining these goals in the past. His total acceptance of my circumstances and me allowed us to quickly create a plan that was based upon my personal strengths. He is so well grounded in life that he is able to reach out and help others find their own stability."

Carolina V-M. June 3, 2016

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"You have captured the essence of major issues that we deal with in our lives on a daily basis. I remember the days when you started out. You should be very proud of the ability that you have developed to use your wisdom to help others."

Bill S. June 3, 2016

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"In his book, Al Spinks frees you from beliefs that hold you back and introduces a Success Achievement Process that will drive success in all that you do. This is a must read for anyone struggling to get over their past or just trying to find more focus, meaning and success in their life."

Richard H. June 3, 2016

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"I highly recommend Al's E-book: "The Secrets to Real Success..." In an easy to understand, logical process, Mr. Spinks outlines those subconscious beliefs that inhibit us from becoming our best. He shows how these beliefs dictate our lives but can be changed to improve who we are and what we become.

His six step process shows how anyone who is serious about changing and open to trying the process can truly make a significant change for the better in how input is received and results are achieved. He uses real life examples of people who have reached their goals using similar techniques. His Success Achievement Process helps you get from where you are today to where you want to be by your definition of success.

This book provides a straightforward, simple to understand guide to personal fulfillment and success.

Patricia J. June 3, 2016

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"Tried-and-true principles from a man with a heart to help others achieve their destiny in life: That's what I think of The Secrets to Real Success by Al Spinks. Read it and apply it -- and see how far your dreams and passions can take you!"

John David K. June 3, 2016

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“In his second book, Al Spinks has put together a concise, information packed, easy to read formula for success that can be applied to all aspects of life. Drawing on his own personal experience as well as time tested concepts from cognitive psychology, Mr. Spinks quickly identifies the components that block our success, and then offers specific solutions that readers can apply immediately. In addition to his solid explanation of the power of core beliefs, Mr. Spinks gives us a unique perspective that he calls “Spiritual DNA” which gives his solutions a depth that makes them even more effective. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to learn important information for succeeding in all aspects of life.”Drawing on his own personal experience as well as time tested concepts from cognitive psychology, Mr. Spinks quickly identifies the components that block our success, and then offers specific solutions that readers can apply immediately. In addition to his solid explanation of the power of core beliefs, Mr. Spinks gives us a unique perspective that he calls “Spiritual DNA” which gives his solutions a depth that makes them even more effective. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to learn important information for succeeding in all aspects of life.”

Bill C. Ph.D June 3, 2016

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"I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I found it to be straightforward and on target. The concepts (core beliefs, core issues, spiritual DNA) are clearly described and illustrated. But, the secret to Secrets to Real Success is the Success Achievement Process. What a simple but powerful concept!

Everyone, from high school student to corporate executives, should read this book. The “process” is easy to apply and highly effective. I am a Baby Boomer and at the tail end of my professional career, but I have a lot of life to live and I am following the steps to ensure that success as I pursue other interests. Way to go, Al."

Thomas T., Ph.D June 3, 2016

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"Al Spinks has been a valuable asset to the women & men of the Star of Hope Mission. His continued support of our clients in the areas of spiritual enrichment has encouraged them to grow personally, professionally and spiritually. Our clients can expect to receive a refreshing word as he shares with great compassion and clarity."

Di T. June 3, 2016

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"Although I was somewhat skeptical, I trusted Al Spinks to use EFT to help me reduce severe hip pain that I had been enduring. After just a few minutes of working with Al, I was able to sit without pain for the first time in over four years. All I can say is that this EFT stuff really works."

Phil J. June 3, 2016

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""I just want to send you a sincere and very heart felt thank you. My life has returned to normal and I feel like a new man after our recent EFT session. I was amazed at how effective and instantaneous the results were, I felt the pain that I had been experiencing for weeks fade away within a few seconds of tapping. It literally felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

I am back to normal daily activities full of renewed energy and vitality and I continue to use the tapping techniques that you taught me. Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of EFT. As you know, I was hospitalized in very serious pain and being sedated with morphine. You came by my room and asked me and my wife if you could use this thing called EFT to help reduce my pain. I was hurting so much that I was willing to try anything. After of few minutes of working with me, my pain was completely gone.

During my hospital stay, I underwent an operation to remove my gall bladder and when asked by the doctor if I needed pills to help me with pain, I said no. Then a few days after my operation, I was having problems breathing. You again came by and used EFT that immediately and dramatically improved my breathing.

Al, you were a blessing to me and my family. May God bless you as you help others."

Sam D. June 3, 2016

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I appreciate the time you took to work with me. You shared common sense wisdom but it was like a light bulb was turned on.

Melba W. June 3, 2016

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Thanks for taking your time to talk to me. This discussion gave me good direction and a method to approach the market and I will do so by creating awareness of our services in the targeted market.

Chandra K. June 3, 2016

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Al Spinks has given me the tools, resources and inspiration to bring balance and exponential success to both my personal and professional lives.

J. C. Branch June 3, 2016

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I have known Al for a few months now and the first time I met him, I was drawn to his warm and genuine demeanor. He has been coaching me now for over a month and I am a new man. He has taught me how to let go of my past and focus on the NOW! His approach is very simple and thorough. He has unlocked potential in me I never knew I had. I am extremely successful today...thanks to Al. I wish you all the blessings God has in store for you.

Michael B. June 3, 2016

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The focus of life coaching sessions with Al was to determine and create a business that was sustainable for myself and growing family.

But, in actuality, I got much much more from his service: a clearcut path to business endeavors that is tailored to my passion; allowing me to organically determine my personal mission, purpose, vision and immediate life goals; and perhaps the most important, helping me to get out of my head and to live a life that's more in the present by listening to my body, mind and spirit.

Photos by Oaks
June 3, 2016

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Al has provided exactly what I needed to achieve my goals.

We began by identifying and spelling out my purposes in all aspect of my life, including my business. Thinking through my purposes and writing them down has been very beneficial. My purposes provide guidance for the large & small decisions.

I had been a solo medical consultant for a long time and decided I wanted to increase my income and grow a consulting company. I chose to work with Al because of his expertise and success in the computer service industry, marketing, and start ups. His skills and experience have been a good match for what I am doing.

I am a CPA with very little marketing experience. Al has guided me in developing marketing material, a website, a marketing plan, a product tag line, “elevator speech”, business cards, etc... We have worked on marketing scripts for various conversations that have been very helpful. Through our discussions I have a good understanding of what needs to be accomplished with marketing and how to achieve the desired result.

Al’s experience with his computer business has been invaluable and so applicable to my situation. Knowing firsthand how to build a company from the beginning gives Al a unique understanding of what I am experiencing. There are many steps to building the consulting business. In my opinion, the mental and emotional strength to do the right things, persevere, and to handle the challenges is as important as anything else. Al’s guidance in this area have been huge for me. Al has experience with people challenges and working through situations to accomplish the desired outcome. He has taught me to not assume anything which helps to eliminate a lot of unnecessary concern.

I have appreciated the focus so that I need to stay on track and accomplish the most important things. Al guides and reminds me, according to my purposes, so my time is well spent. Meeting weekly helps to maintain focus and keeps some pressure on to accomplish the previous weeks goals.

I am much better mentally, emotionally, and financially from working with Al.

Terry M. CPA, MBA
Oncology Revenue Solutions
June 3, 2016

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Guidance... Action Plan... Results. Mr. Spinks led me through a series of targeted and focused discovery sessions. These iterative meetings culminated in an action plan that is already producing results.

D. Flores
Flores Capital
June 3, 2016

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Al, I want you to know how much you have enhanced my outlook in personal and business goals. Your guidance over the last few months has been priceless. You helped me to see what I could not see about me and my business. I will be forever thankful for you being part of my journey.


Jonathan Lanz July 27, 2016